Saturday, 31 October 2009

New season has started!

We are back...Today we are celebrating Fudge the Designer's birthday, it seems that it was only yesterday we celebrated BN's. Today we have acquired 3 additional tv sets, which means we have now a wall of 7 sets playing simultaneously. More photos when we get sober...

Friday, 30 October 2009

Amazing new work from Ninja Tiger

Ninja power all the way motherfuckers! Fuck you! In the ass! Both of you guys! Male guys.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Aorta interview

He is Bosnian superstar, a famous singer of even more famous band 'The Avlija Boys', Bosnian cover band of the 'Backstreet Boys'. Using skills he learned while touring with the band, he opened a shop where he sell antiquities and souvenirs for all the wealthy tourists who come to Tuzla. He is loved in his block, the Silver Stone City. His favorite song is 'Rivers of Babylon' and he likes to eat dead animals, mostly frogs and lizards. He is Aries, and his favorite color is pink. He refuses to move to Zagreb, claiming the big city life would damage his voice. He was interviewed by Đovanni The Mexican, who has a huge solo show at our gallery tomorrow.

Hi Aorta, how are you feeling on this glorious and promising day?
Unfortunately gastritis hit my stomach and only thing I feel is a PAIN. Helicobacter pylori kills me.

What are you doing at this moment (besides this interview of course)?
Trying to take my crazy dog off me. It is all over me, licking and biting me.

Did you know that you're sharing your name with the largest artery in the body, originating from the left ventricle of the heart and bringing oxygenated blood to all parts of the body in the systemic circulation?
OOOO aorta means all that. All this time I was thinking that is a name of the famous Spanish football player. sometimes I even call myself aortinja becouse of that. :-)

Where could you reccomend me to go have some fun in Tuzla?
"Kod Ismeta Crvlje " the best place to drink rakia and have conversation with realy crazy alcoholics.

Do you have any tips on how could a person grow thicker beard?
Sing christmas song to your beard. Santa does it all time.

You seem like down to earth type of guy, how do you cope with all the media attention, being streetart superstar and all?
Who told you that?

What do you think of Puma's drinking problem and his lack of anger management? Keep on, it is good for health.

Should we get him into alcoholics anonymous and if so, should we use force?
Use an alcohol to get him there. Convice him that after every seance they serve an alcohol.

Did you have any near death experiences?
Once, but it last for 4 years during the war in bosnia. every moment was near death experience.

In the end share some wisdom with some wise words for all the degenerics following our blog...

Zlatan Vehabović interview

This is a man who has many talents, unfortunately has only one life to use them all. Zagrebstreetzine crew decided to make up for this God's mistake, so we raised some money and bought him an artificial heart. This way he has a few more years to use up all of his talents. It is really intimidating to have a friend who is capable of so much, but the thing with Zlatan is that he never makes you feel less talented or less worthy. We all love him, despite the fact that he is black. He was interviewed by Đekica, who is to have her first big solo show at our gallery next week.

We all know that in the past before you started with painting you were known as the best gumi gumi player in Yugoslavia, so why gumi gumi?
If you must know, in 1997 the year I started painting I was on the verge of becoming professional car-wreck diver. I used to
spend my summers on the coastline thus I hooked up on the Sea.. (photo 1). There was an experimental S.W.A.T. team assembled by MUP RH intended to deep search these car wrecks at the bottom of Adriatic in search of anything suspicious inside these rusted shells. Of course the government, like in so many cases before & after, just wasn't sensitive enough for little indie projects as ours..they were only into blockbuster stuff, hence - they shut us down. I regret that even to this day. Sometimes I still feel my heart pumping blood slowly to my brain at the 67 meters below, checking that fish filled glove compartment for anything..anything at all.

Did you stop because vojih hraste came, and all the girls started to like him better than you?
Ah Vojin.. (photo 2) we go way back. I think I met him sometime around 2001. I think it was the moment in front of memorable coffee machine on the first floor dividing the hallways on academy in Ilica. Anyway there is a story to it, and I always blush as he never stops telling it, regardless the company we're in. But It's a true story and it goes like this: … so we were both in that hallway in front of coffee machine waiting for some class or something. He dropped his coffee, I jumped back to avoid hot pouring missile heading towards me - landed like a cat on my feet, and then…a moment of pause. A long silent moment, each of us staring at others eyes waiting for inevitable to happen. We stood like that for what it felt hours and I don't know was it me or him who then said: ,, So how about another cup of coffee?'' At that very moment both of us knew that from then on - we'd be friends till the end of our lives.

Why does your hair looks always so nice, is it because of head and shoulders , or ?
Why thank you. I wasn't aware of that.

Did you ever have sex with prostitute?
Only when my whoroscope tells me it's safe!

You are also known for your other passion,which is plaing flute, tell us little bit about that!
Don't ask me about the music! To this day it is possibly the greatest ache in my heart. Ever since I was two, I wandered the streets and into the Panasonic, Sony and Technics stores around my town, admiring those magnificent sound producing devices such as walkmans, iPods, and tape recorders awe-struck by shear power and beauty of music. As I grew up I was willing to sacrifice everything just to become a musician. The singer in a band, bass player, fiddler… hell, anything! But the good Lord's blessing shone upon me in the light of a different talent as you all know. In fact, for every ounce of painterly talent he gave me, he took that musical and gave it to Kimya Dawson I suppose. ( We're about the same age Kimya and I, so you see where I'm getting at..) So now you know why you should never ask me about the music!

Is it true that your idol is Ivan Rabuzin?
Well I do like Jana water logo he made few years ago.

Why him?
Because my other favorite designers Dora & Maja and Nikola & Iva weren't even doing business when that logo was being

How does it feel to have birthday on the same day when Stjepan Šandrk is born?

Fudge and BN are really stupid girls, aren't they?
You've run out of interesting questions, haven't you?

BN interview

BN is a peculiar character. He seems to be optimistic about life, yet there is a darker side of him that surfaces when he drinks. He is a mild gentleman and a kind friend, an artist in his prime and an alcoholic as well. Guess those two go together. He has been with Zagrebstreetzine since the beginning (of time). Recently he has been doing some strange sculptures made of solid metal, and spending his nights hiding behind the lens of his newly acquired camera. He was interviewed by Fudge The Designer, who considers himself BN's favorite Medal of Honor opponent.


Why Serbia?
They have beautiful animals.

No thanks.


Are you as old as I think as you are?
A little bit older.

Why sculpture, what about those ugly shoes?
Sculpture doesn't scream when you touch it, they are ugly because they are
designer shoes.

Do you consider yourself an artist, considering how pathetic you are?
I'm proud to be the best and most pathetic artist in the world.

Why women?
More holes.

How much did you enjoy cariyng dead corpses on the scale from 1 to 10?

Did you ever consider pedophilia and why?
Never. One day I'll adopt.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fudge The Designer interview

He is a man (still a boy, but soon a man) with many names. One of them is Fudge The Designer. When he is not skateboarding or bmx riding, he can be found pasting some of his weird posters all over the town. He is well known for his distinct signature style, using letters to create abstract images in the city. Some may say he is a true example of a post-graffiti artist, but those who know him better know that his true quality lies in his ability to devourer impossible amounts of food in really innovative order. He might start with a fried mouse, go on to icecream, continue with a couple of pizzas with mayonnaise and garlic and finish with a bowl of spaghetti on top of a fruit salad. He was interviewed by BN, who considers himself Fudge's favorite Medal of Honor opponent.

Because it is all because of you, my special friend.I love you with all my heart and soul.mmmmmmmmmmm

How big is your dick?
I will anwser this question with another question.Why would that be interesting to you?
I reallly don"t know.Are you sick or something.Why would you ask me such a thing?
But its very very small.And I don't know how to use it.Would you help me,pliz.

Does Jesus love you?
I am the Jesus (sam sort).Bless you my child and burn in hell!!!!

Do you know latin?
Well my guardian was teaching me in the woom but when I came out I forgat
how to talk and walk so I became a little baby and he became a white dog.That
is the genesis of the world.It was 5000 b.c.We started to make the world but became lazy
and because of that I have to do this stupid interview with stupid BN.And you know what?
What the fuck those that fucking mean BN?

Do you love Kožarić?
Certainly,I made him.He is the first man on earth ,well not the first but the best artist
In the world.And don’t ask me questions that are not shoving any interest in your head.
Fuck off you stupid drunk.

What kind of trace did you leave in the city of Zagreb?
Sunshine and fart!

What is the ugliest fish you have ever tired?
The Domba fish from Srbija.But its not really a fish it’s a mollusc.When you are in side of it it feels blja.
And its wery ugly to and stupid mother fuckig mollusc.(it’s not so bad)

What did god tell you when you spoke to him?
He told me - ”go my son and destroy that BN in the medal of honor and smash his fucking head open all over the atelier.”And He smiled.

Why men?
Not men only you!
Only you can make all this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love for only you

Only you can make this change in me
For it's true you are my destiny
When you hold my hand I understand
The magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you

Only you can make all this change in me
For it's true you are my destiny
When you hold my hand I understand
The magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you

elvis presley

Was there an attempt of rape by the side of puma34 on you?
Well you must admit that I have exceptional influence on puma 34,
and he to likes little boys so….. I initiate legal proceedings and got the case.
Past is behind us and now we are good friends.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Đovanni interview

His name is Đovanni, the Mexican. He was in prison for a long time and now he is finally out. He is known to get very violent, especially when he drinks. He is a loyal friend and a fierce enemy. He is known in the Spanish underworld as el Đovanni, the skull worshiper. He is a man of few words, so we will try to keep this interview short.

You have been in a prison for a long time, how long was it this time?
I stopped counting after the first 2 times, when I did 5 years first time for for children trafficking and second 2 years for beating and urinating on the officer of the law.

Did they treat you well in there(both the guards and the inmates)?
Well, to be honest, first 5 years I was everybody's bitch, but second time and especilly last few years I really started to look after myself. I don't wanna brag but I think that the inmates started to fear me and the guards were on my payrole.

Did you make any new friends there?
Oh yes. I got to know few very nice members of the aryan brotherhood and hung out all the time with the yakuzas.

You are known for your obsession with skulls, is it a religion thing or are you just loco?
My grandma, when she was babysitting me, always performed some weird rituals with skulls, both human and animal.... I think it's subconscious. Can't really explain that one.

We remember back in the days you used to skate, what happened with your pro career?
Alchocol took over my life... And by that time I started figure skating so....

Being a mellow man as you are, how come you loose your temper after 5 coronas?
Again, achocol helps me get rid of my inner demons. Great thing that C2H5OH

Is it true that you have kidnapped sheriff’s beautiful daughter Đekica and stole her heart?
The real truth is that she and her father "The Don" kidnapped me, but even before that I was swept of my feet because of her glowing fluorescent eyes. She and her father have some weird obsession with my moustache, but that another story...

We have noticed you have a distinctive tattoo-like drawing style, how come we do not see any tattoos on you? ( some rumors suggest that you had a full body suit, but after entering a witness protection program you got the all lasered off)
As a matter of fact I did have a full body suit full of chicano and sailor tattoos... But only a few of people know about my plastic surgery. We got the best swiss plastic surgeon who was famous for his whole skin replacement operations.

Is it true that before turning outlaw you were a painter? ( some say a true successor of giotto)
That is my dark past and I'm trying not to think about that.

What’s up with your obsession with cars? Is It just a chicano thing or you really used to race on the indy 500?
That's true. I mean the indy 500... I was professionally racing for 3 years until I hit a wall doing 150 mph

What is your opinion on people leaving earth to find a better place to live?
Stupid. Here on earth you have everything you need. Booze, prostitutes, cars... But that's just me.

Do you have sleeping problems?
No, I only sleep 2 hours.

How many times have you seen taxidermia?
One time actually... But I was too fucked up on absynthe and morphine. All I remember was that skinny guy fucking a pig corpse (I think) and that fat fuck doing an eating contest.

Is there such thing as a bad drawing?
Yes, and that's the best type of drawing.

Are you going to reconsider your career as a professional ice skater?
Nah, those days are past behind me. Now I'm interested in goat wrestling.

Is it ok to tell somebody that their life is boring?
If it's from your heart, yes.

Ever lost a fight?
First few times I got in San Diego correctional facility. First I was made of cookie dough, now I'm carved of wood.

Are you willing to donate your organs to Ninja tiger to help him follow the path of dr. satan?
Of course I will. Just don't donate them to him while I'm still alive.

Are you bored with this questions?
When you're the interviewer, never. Let's go drinking now, I'm getting too sober.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Pekmezmed & Ninja Tiger interview

Pekmezmed & Ninja Tiger are not only our good friends, but great artists as well. The young couple lives in Rijeka, Croatia, in their spacey loft on the hills just above the harbor. From their terrace one can see the whole town of Rijeka, and a good part of the Kvarner Bay. When they are not making a barbecue with friends or playing guitar hero, they can be found in their basement, doing art. They have been doing art for a long time now, focusing mainly on drawing, photography, tattooing and obscure performances. They are strange, wicked and above all interesting. However, this interview will not be about their art, but about their personal life.

Your happy family has a third member, a little German shepherd Pic. If you had to describe her in one sentence, what would it be?
Pic is a giant rabbit looking bloodthirsty beast with secret ninja skills.

How is it like to live in Rijeka? It is the most depressing city in Croatia, is it true that it is impossible to live there without being hooked on drugs?
N: if you have enough marijuana then IT'S GOOD TIME!
P: Good. And no- the most depressing city in Croatia is Senj..

What is up with all the piercings? You guys trying to break the world record or something?
It's kind of a dress code in Rijeka. We just want to fit in.

You are married, how is it working out for you?
It's a lie. We're not married - we are both guys trapped in porcupine's body- from outer space... so it wouldn't work...

I have noticed that you guys have a good number of tattoos, what is the story behind them?
As we both agreed before on piercing issue... we just want to be popular. We have tattoos of all the major brands on our body (nike, diadora, serđo takini, chanel, vegeta...) so we are popular where ever we go.

You have become well known for your strange music taste. Could you list some of your favorite music heroes?

There are so many, but after a few minutes of thinking it over we decided to sum it up in just one band- Modern talking (we love you guys!!!), Pekmezmed likes the dark haired one and Ninja Tiger has his eye on the blond one

Have you got any long-term plans in life? Any goals you want to achieve, maybe some regrets about what you could have but had not done?
No regrets. Plans- yes! The biggest one at this time is to feel good, do the things we love and maybe not worry about money so much...

You are both vegetarian. Why? Do you really hate animals that much?
We are to lazy to go hunting so we just eat and smoke plants.

What is you typical day like? Is there a typical day in your life?
P: Get up around 7, drink coffee and smoke, stress about the stuff that might happen today, take a dump, go to work (stressing out driving through thick traffic while listening to fast music) at work-check my mail, myspace, flickr etc. crack jokes and drink coffee all day, go home, stop at the supermarket to buy some food, get home- wake up Ninja Tiger and drink more coffee and smoke. Have conversation with ninja about masters of the universe, tattoos, zombies, games, dogs, markers and stuff. After Ninja cooks something and we eat, a few friends come over stressing out about their jobs...then we fight (xbox 360) meanwhile drinking sodas and smoking. Here is the part where I usualy get bored and since there's nothing on the internet left to look at (I did that at work) I go to the basement or just stay in the living room and try to draw something- get frustrated with my drawings, scare away our friends, watch tv and fall asleep on the couch with cookie crumbs all over me and markers under me.
N: random: x360,smoke,draw,shit,eat,sleep,you tube,masters of the universe....

What gets you down?
N: dinosaurs and crushing buildings.
P: other people's shit.

What was the most depressive situation you have experienced so far?
P: I couldn't take a dump for 4 days!
N: I'm not a depressive person, I'm just angry all the time! fuck you!

Why do you have such a strange sense of humor?
We are serious.

If you could change something in you life, what would it be?
N: hairy's fucking hot!fuck you!
P: I'd like world peace :D

Are you afraid of death?
P: No
N: are you serious?!

Have you got any material possessions you would like to take to your grave?
N: xbox360, masters and all other action figures, my dog, pomes frites, some ganja, psp and a few markers
P: no. but it would be fun taking a camera (so someone can watc me decompose later)

If one of you dies, should the other one be killed so you could be buried together?
And what about Pic?
Definitely. And Pic will never die.

Have you ever been in a fight or seriously hurt someone?
P: Yes but nothing serious
N: I'll hurt you!

Do you believe in hell?
P: No
N: Yes and no,but i like the idea :)

Why is Jesus so lame, and why does Devil rule?
It's probably because Jesus looks like a fucking hippie (If he had some stylist that could have helped him with his choices the future would look soooo much different!) and Mr. Devil is just cool- always listens to good music, hangs around with cool people and is all around a nice guy! Or to sum it up- Devil- yay! Jesus- nay

How many times have you been to hell so far?
N: all the time because it's hot with all that hair all over me
P: Once, it was nice.

Why do you hate old people?
They smell and have false teeth! Hello?!

What is your favorite psalm?
N: Jesus said: I will jump on Ninja Tiger's dick my brothers.
P: Shit njinja tiger! that's my favorite too!! :D Jeeee!!!

When did you join the Mormons and why?
P: A couple years ago- because of their home made butter.
N: 10 years ago. I was attracted to their cyber technology.

Is it true that you used to run an illegal plastic surgery clinic in you basement?
That's a complete lie! But we did have an network of underground bakeries and shoe stores (2 in 1!) so you could try on your favorite shoes (sexy miljenko fashion was the name of the brand) while eating a pretzel! The idea was as you can see genius, but because of high taxes on such luxury shops we had to sell our business to elviton and started drawing... that's the story!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Zagrebstreetzine crew

In preparation for Puma34's exhibition in the town of Motovun, we spent an afternoon designing one part of the small skate ramp we will be building. The bank is much steeper than it looks on the video (45 degrees), and the boys have scars to prove it! Skate power!

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Late night show about art and culture on croatian national television. This part was about street art, and featured zagrebstreetzine's very own Puma34 and Oko. Big thanks to all our friends for love and support. :)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Oko and Puma34 for Warehous sk8 shop

... we spotted a Batman walk by as soon as we were done. Must have been looking for us... lucky we were smarter and hid in the bushes.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Readers and viewers

One of the dilemmas of the coming era is that there is no erasing anymore. We have lost the ability to subtract; we can only add.
Oko and Puma34 in Zagreb downtown.

Daria&Jaka 4 ever!

This saturday we have been invited to our friends wedding. We love you guys! All the best.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Marko Polić exhibition

We decided to close the gallery for summer. Our last show was of Marko Polić, a talented young artist who specialized in drawing wildlife. We were really happy to have him draw directly on the wall of our gallery. The artwork will remain there until we open again in autumn.
Now we spend our time making a new documentary film about tattoos in street art culture.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Oko & Puma34 go big

Oko and Puma34 like to walk around the city, like all couples do. The only difference between them and any other couple is that these guys carry huge hand-drawn posters which they like to paste around. 

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Zets exhibition

We were surprised when our friend Zets, the creator of now infamous art web portal boonika approached us with the idea of having a show at our gallery. Zets is one of those high ranking artists who need not worry about their existence since his paintings sell for enormous amounts of money in galleries worldwide. He wanted to show one of his latest paintings, which is already promised to a gallery in London. Of course we were more than happy to have him in our gallery.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A view of our gallery

We have been saving money to hire a professional cameraman to shoot a short clip of our gallery. Unfortunately, we spent all the money on booze, so we had to shoot the clip ourselves. thnx zets!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A visit from outer space

During this week our gallery has been attacked by forces from outer space spreading their visual virus.
Although we were stronger in numbers, all we could do was watch the virus spread...
... till it matured to it's full form. Visit their mother planet; here and here.


We have had complaints that according to the photos on our blog we do not do anything but eat and party in our gallery. That is not true, since the main reason we organize this exhibitions and workshops is art. The production and the promotion of art. Of course, we get hungry and like to party hence the photos. From now on there will be more art and less party photos.

Zlatan Vehabović exhibition part2

We had to make another exhibition of one of our favorite artists, since the interest for his his work was so great. So we planned a series of smaller exhibitions where we would have a chance to draw more attention to the obscurities of Zlatan's work.
This time he brought a study for his large painting 'Mile end'. He held a small lecture about the nature of his work, provided us with the insight on the story behind the painting.

The show was amazing and was followed by a wild party, and Zlatan mysteriously disappeared. We have not heard from him ever since...

Monday, 23 March 2009

Visit to Rijeka

We witnessed the birth of Streetzinerijeka, another amazing blog about street life in Croatia.
We have spent a terrific and relaxed weekend among our friends from streetzinerijeka, drawing, drinking, skating, and getting more tattoos.
Guess our cameraman was not out of his mind when he spoke of late night monsters that spooked him out when he went to the bathroom.
Finally, we have made a pledge to return to this wonderful place and have even more drawings, beer, skate sessions and tattoos.

Lunar's exhibition

Lunar is a living legend of Zagreb graffiti scene, and we were flattered to have him do a show in our gallery.

Gentleman as he is, he took care of the catering long before anybody showed up...

... which left him enough time to set up his work.
Unfortunately, something went wrong in his calculations and he became upset...
... not even the presence of his friends and family could not cheer him up.

Even though the gallery was full beyond its limits...
...and we had to open our studio to make more space for all the visitors hungry for Lunar's art, he was still upset.We finally hired two professional fashion photographers who were searching for promising male models. They were so enchanted with Lunar, that they promised him the cover of their magazine. 
So here we got a sneak preview of Lunar' first cover as a male model. We wish him luck in his modeling career. 
After the photo shoot, smile was finally back on Lunar's face, and we shared his good mood.
The disadvantage of being a 9-5er is that after midnight you automatically vanish and teleport straight to bed. So we were abandoned by Lunar and his friends, until next tuesday.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Aorta's exhibition

We had our good friend Aorta come over all the way from boogie down Tuzla to have a show at our gallery.

Aorta is a good friend and a great artist, but as all artist are, he too is a bit strange. We had a barbecue planned for him, and his unusual haircut made us forget all about it.

Our younger members were hungry and were not in the mood to wait... we went to the market the day before and got us some Chinese ham for the barbecue...

... and Aorta and his lovely girlfriend Jasmina choose one they liked best.

Luckily for the vegetarian members, we also had a chef from China making some meat-free specials.

As hungry as we were, we quickly ran out of meat, and again had to sacrifice our youngest members to feed the rest.

The sacrifice was made willingly and without hesitation.

Soon there was enough meat to feed all of us... 

... and the crowd was pleased.

After a delicious meal it was hard to do anything but rest...

... so we took it easy.

It was obvious that we were impressed by the skills of the cook...

... and Aorta's artwork. It was indeed a hair-rising show.